Meet Riccardo Renna, the "healthy carrier" of a family culinary tradition, born and raised in that enclave of fun named Romagna, where passion for art, music, motors, and food are part of the locals DNA,  

Thanks to his parents, the father an eclectic chef and jazz musician, and the mother HR manager and amateur opera singer, he further developed and strengthen this legacy.

Just to not get bored during the long relocations abroad ( and Minessota winter too), he pursued a culinary diploma and more recently a first level sommelier.

In 2008, he re-invented himself as a "social cook" because what matters is to have a story to share with friends over a glass of wine following the Slow Food  philosophy, without the need of a fancy place or "the 30 minutes start now" moment so dear to the latest TV shows.

Grown with the maximum respect for food and for what it means, he is also a strong advocate of food waste reduction with his "0 waste: a leftover tale" project, finalized to teach people how to get the highest return from each ingredient.

He defines himself as a backpack full of memory, still traveling the world searching for that special ingredient to make the recipe of life unique. 



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