Let me entertain you

  • Private Chef Services

    • Enjoy the luxury of a restaurant in the most comfortable and familiar location in the world. Work with us to build your menu, and  to turn your request in tasty dishes on your table;

    • Personal Cupid (dinner x2).

  • Catering & Events

    • Family parties: birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, etc.

    • Corporate catering, team buildings, social cocktails: real estates, art events, etc.

    • Divorce parties;

    • Cooking classes (basic techniques);

    • Themed cooking classes;

  • Special activities

    • Wine pairings ;

    • Yoga and brunch;

    • Mixology and workout


  • Coming Soon

    • Luxury vacation packages.


I will work with you to define all the details to meet your requirement: from the menu to the preparation and the building of the team which will help.... and yes, I clean the kitchen too!.


Let's go eco! for large size events, I typically use dinnerware produced by Wasara or Verterra. Both brands provide very nicely designed and totally compostable plates and cutlery.