Love food, Love life

VistaCucina (view from the kitchen).
Because this is the room where creativity, passion, joyfulness, life and sharing come alive.
It is where ideas are explored, renovated, dressed in new colors and put on the world stage with a fresh language, but without denying the traditions and taste of simplicity and hospitality.
Because it is where Italian style is brought around the world and goes forth on a new illustrated narrative path, with a single common denominator called friendship.
it's about laughing with friends, traditions, storytelling.
Why do the simple things are the most beautiful and why knowing how to collect the hidden details of the newspaper is the poetry and the tastiest challenge.
Because of the stories, the real ones, authentic and genuine break through the doors - the key behind closed doors of those who do not want to see and those already open to wait for the new and to incorporate the values and the power of reality.
And this means also respect habits, traditions, and needs of everyone. When it comes to food there is not an absolute truth